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Personally I'm from the Berenstein Bears, wasn't confused over Mandela's death when reported, and the JujuFruits universe/dimension/alt reality. Maria and I take a quick look at one of the most popular candy bars in the world. And I never knew that Jujubes were violet flavored. I couldn’t quite place the orange Jujube flavor, and thought it was rose until I read this entry. Gary Sutton on 7/03/09 at 9:38 am, Comment by I wondered why I would get a box here and there—-was it Walgreens, where I usually got them? I had also complained to the manufacturer. Swallow and enjoy! They have gotten close to the original. Me, I just like them because they taste good, although I’ll have to admit, I’ve had to see my friend a time or two because of the Jujyfruits! The issue was not a result of any recipe change but actually as a result of the shipping situation after production. The gummy asparagus, tomato, grape, banana, pineapple, raspberry and pea pods shapes are only a tease–the key to their true flavor lies in the color. Then I bite off little strips and swallow them. Just bought a box and it’s almost just like the old recipe! They are indeed back! James J on 12/27/15 at 11:30 am, Comment by Jujubes are clear and hard. I have been eating JUJUBES for 50 years. JuJubes are too hard and not as flavorful as they could be. Picked up a box of Jujyfruits yesterday, I’m addicted. My husband has been a lifelong supporter of Jujubes. Please! I have not lost my mind. You have changed the recipe. I am soooo happy that the old style Jujubes are back!!! We are unable to find any stores that carry this candy in our area. They aren’t edible. Please do not use my photos without prior permission directly from me, they represent what I ate in preparation for these reviews and are not to be used for other purposes. Elizabeth on 5/16/08 at 8:50 pm, Comment by The harder the better. Jujyfruits are the bigger, softer candy and Jujubes are the much smaller, firmer candy. I can’t find them anywhere. Jujube flavors: lemon, lilac, orange, lime, and cherry . Does anybody know where I can get an original recipe jujube somewhere in the world? While the Jujyfruits have remained relatively unchanged over the years, the Jujubes have gone through some substantial changes. I don’t taste soapy though and I don’t really taste the flavors listed on the box either: Violet, Lilac, Lime, Wild Cherry, and Lemon. I’m going to pick those out and give the rest away. Happy to report that the old Jujubes are back! I had wrote to them right after the change. In the latest Candyology 101 podcast, Maria and I tackled a little-celebrated candy bar, the Whatchamacallit. Hope they reconsider the formula, cooking temp, whatever! So I ordered it on line just like I have done before no problem, but this time the Jujubees are not the same. I love Jujubes! ilona sherratt on 2/15/12 at 10:42 am, Comment by I got some of the more hard JuJu Bees with the 2017 expiration date. They had a completely unique, classic product and dumbed it down, apparently thinking no one would notice. Travis on 8/12/15 at 1:25 pm, Comment by IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN GET THE CANDY TODAY. I wrote to them & got same letter Marg did in Aug post. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. Wayne Bradshaw on 2/13/16 at 3:01 pm, Comment by His son and grandson were happy with the changes. I used to suck on it for hours they were so hard and lasted so long! Roland Lataille on 12/21/15 at 2:54 pm, Comment by I grew up on jujubes, love them. Theresa on 7/29/07 at 7:55 am, Comment by I am glad I am not alone in the dislike of the newer ones. The are not close to the original… Very disappointing. I will still buy them just not nearly as frequently as I once did. No Favor. Rmhermen 19:13, Dec 9, 2004 (UTC) Does anyone know what "ju-ju gum" is? I’ve been eating juju bees for a lifetime now at it was my favorite candy until recently. And they come in fruit shapes (like above), rings and little hats. It’s worth noteing that both Andrew and Elanor died the same year the company was sold (perhaps she died in early 1996, but very soon after Andrew), I’ve been eating jujubees since I was in diapers im 20 now and everytime I see a box I grab it they don’t las me but 45 minutes if you know how to eat them you would all enjoy then you don’t just open the box you tear a one inch hole in the end and pour a small amount into you mouth then suck on them after a little while you can put them between your molars and roll them around like someone else here said and they actually are very fruitful when you need them groups at a time. First, they’re about as classic as it gets for a 70’s kid such as myself. Maybe lilac, too. They were soft and discusting, I really hope you bring back to old recipie, they were my favorite! Suzanne on 7/24/07 at 4:16 pm, Comment by Pour les jujubes à l’orange: dans un bol, mélanger la gélatine avec 180 ml (3/4 de tasse) de jus d’orange. movies as a kid. Looking at the back of the most recent pack of Original DareJubes I notice that they are made in Kitchener, Ontario. What can I do this was not cheap. But leave the jujube recipe the %^[email protected] alone. $5.70 $ 5. Candy canes wafer soufflé pastry marzipan bear claw marshmallow. Do I need to look for a later date to get the original recipe? I fell in love with Jujubes over the past year. Laisser mijoter 5 minutes. So strange, as they were almost always sold out, and not just from me. The ones that would shatter into five pieces when you chomped down on them. That’s probably a good thing for my waistline! I would go there just for those, and sometimes they would be out. Get them at your local farmers' market. I thought the first poor quality box was inadvertently mixed up with the Jujyfruit manufacturing line. A "candy" that is hard and sticks to your teeth, and often comes in boxes with only two small ass jujyfruits inside of them. These variations of chewy, colorful, artificially flavored “fruit” flavored candies are anything but healthy. I thought it might have been some sort of error in production but apparently this is the “new” Jujube. It is not jujube. I didn’t even finish the box (which is rare for me), they were so difficult to consume! When ever I see them I check them out. I’m not crazy. Thanks for asking Ferrara. Thank you. She’d never tell us about them, she’d just let my brother and I “happen” upon ‘em. I’d be forever grateful! Consumer feedback is very important to us, and we appreciate the opportunity to respond. Just a follow up to my question about the random shape (2 posts up). Jujyfruits sont caoutchouteuse, jujube-comme l' amidon à base de bonbons, fabriqué par Ferrara Candy Company. 70. Ron Ritter on 12/22/15 at 10:11 am, Comment by I’m surprised that two of the the flavors are floral. The most unrewarding candy ever. I, too, am a bit disgusted with the change made to JUJUBEES. Jujyfruits. See More "Close Cart" ALL Food in Stock; ALMOST GONE! Never pulled a filling either. I got it through AMAZON they will not take it back. Heide made the best JuJuBees. Jujyfruits have been around since the 1920s. although i know most places are only local that sell it…. Years ago I would eat at least a box a week. The box I purchased today tasted like flavored candles and trust me I ate candles before! (more), All content (text and photos unless otherwise credited) is copyright 2005-2021 by Cybele May. Laisser gonfler 5 minutes. Have you ever heard of the saying   (IF IT IS NOT BROKE DO NOT FIX). The JuJuBees that I have enjoyed since the mid 50’s are no longer the candy that I couldn’t stop eating. I remember Jujyfruits and Jujubes. Just bought Jujubes most def not the same formulation I bet it has something to do with corn syrup rather than sugar and artificial flavoring so.. $15.12. You’ll get boxes of nasty dull finished that have a chalky skin and gooey center. Too bad…jujubes used to be my guilty pleasure. Well I took that unopened box of Jujubes back to Walgreens. Russell Jubube Lover on 1/29/16 at 7:55 pm, Comment by If you have any idea what I’m talking about I would love to have the name of them!!! Plain and simple if your goal is to produce Jujubees as they were before your QA process sucks! I just bought some today. is there a way to soften stale jujyfruits. Jean H on 1/05/16 at 7:30 pm, Comment by Later, recipes used various flavorings instead of jujube fruits.. See also. Now I too have noticed that they are much softer. Maple Products; Food. I think its Welch’s that has a fruit snack like the JUJYFRUITS. UGH. Then I would suck each one off and enjoy the bliss!!!! Still thought it was grape for some reason). I remember my Dad hiding boxes of these in his bureau. I know I was able to get ( the old original ones)  back in February and March of 2015. With this said, we are in the midst of adjusting our process to reach a consistent desired texture; a texture that is neither too hard nor too soft. James J on 1/29/16 at 8:12 pm, Comment by I really hope somebody listens! I have no favorite candy any longer and I am quite disappointed. Why do things have to change? Cook time and cure time not consistent. My box is “BEST BY 9/23/17. I bought 8 boxes dated 02/10/18 and they all taste like the old ones I use to buy at movie theatres in the 1960’s. Yup the texture has changed and are chewier and there’s a slight dough / flour like coating that lingers on your tongue, I don’t remember that. They are terrible tasting. Ils étaient populaires dans les maisons de cinéma ainsi que d'autres bonbons gélifiés, Heide Jujubes. I even broke a couple of teeth over the years but that didn’t matter because I loved my jujubes. Iris Mendell on 9/08/16 at 7:37 pm, Comment by Does anyone remember the sister candy to Jujyfruits call “Berries”? His favorite flavors were also the licorice and spearmint! Sweets Obsessed Twitter List - many of the above candy aficionados also maintain awesome Twitter postings, you can follow along here. It’s a candy that I have enjoyed for years. They also have a bit more range in their flavors which are: Lemon (yellow), Violet (purple), Lilac (orange), Lime (green) and Cherry (red). Walgreens just stopped carrying Jujubes in our area of Central Illinois—so sad. Taylor on 4/18/11 at 8:55 pm, Comment by I guess I’m just lucky. Babs on 12/27/15 at 10:37 am, Comment by I used to buy a candy at the Admiral gas stations and it was almost like a jujubs and they had bumps on them, they weren’t different shapes like the jujyfruits though. But Jujyfruits come in fun shapes like asparagus, tomato, grape bundle, banana, pineapple, raspberry & pea pod. Hopefully, we’ll get some later dated boxes in my area. We have stopped eating our beloved Jujubes! Print Jujubes t-shirts!!!! I think they are manufacturing them at different factories..  i agree you can find originals and then the next batch is soft. I meant they were my favorite. The memories of Jujubes at the Sunday 2 pm matinae. We need to find some! I’m never going to ever taste the goodness again I want my hard jujube! Yes try June 14 2017 or later. I haven’t had one years. $9.50. I loved jujubies as a kid and loved them now until you changed them! The challenge of softening them enough to get them stuck on your teeth and your teeth “glued” shut kept me chewing and buying. Along with my other favorite, Jujy Fruit! Ry Jay on 7/08/10 at 7:46 pm, Comment by I keep hoping that they will go back to making the original ones but no luck. I kinda wish rose was still a flavor, just because it is rare in mainstream candies. Sorry to see something I really liked changed just because Heide sold out. It cost me $50.46. The flavors are also terrible. Jus got a box after idk how long but long, wanted to go back to a happy place and I totally forgot about jujubes. I found that the Italian Putini candies are a nice alternative, but they are much pricier and individually wrapped. I just bought 4 boxes from the local store. ), green ‘dots’ and black upside down jelly moulds. I don’t know what they put in them now, but they give me the worst heart burn I’ve ever had in my life. Jujyfruits Chewy Fruity Candy Bag, 10 Oz. The older Jujubes for some reason reminded me of soap in their taste but I still liked them. Silver on 10/17/09 at 12:54 pm, Comment by I have been eating jujubes for years since I was a little girl, I’m 65 yrs now. Jujy fruits all the way! How he doesnt get the stuck in his teeth for the rest of his life.. i dont know! Rod Labbe on 11/05/10 at 5:57 pm, Comment by The original company, Heide, sold it to another company, that currently makes them. They should take a lesson from NECCO Wafers, unchanged since the Civil War, and still going strong. Tristyn on 7/24/07 at 9:08 am, Comment by I wondered if they weren’t “aged” enough before being sent to the stores or if they were changing the recipe. Matt McLaughlin on 11/04/11 at 7:51 pm, Comment by As an update, I recently purchased 3 boxes that were dated 04/2017. I’ve always loved Jujyfruits, but probably for the wrong reasons. 10. Home; Specials; What's New! I’ve tried acclimating to the new formula. The Jujube that both the Jujyfruits and Jujubes are named after is a little tropical berry that really has nothing to do with the candy, it was probably just a romantic sounding name and in the early part of the last century many candies tried to adopt such exotic names. i was so disappointed after looking and looking Everything else is a gummy, like one of the former posters said, you can get the gummy candies anywhere—why compete when you are UNIQUE??!! Second, they’re cheap. I am looking for the original recipe to make jujube candy. So mad I frekin googled it cause I didn’t believe it and hoped I got a bad batch. I have purchased boxes from several production dates and they are all the same crappy texture and flavor. They have changed the formula. Jada Bell on 3/08/15 at 4:21 pm, Comment by (We were all fools back then. Nice work Heide. Ratings & Reviews. So are you supposed to suck on the Jujubes to soften them up before attempting to chew on them? Guess that’s another thing gone from my childhood. But whatever Farley’s & Sather is making now is not my beloved jujubes. I’ve never seen that before. He likes them because they pull people’s fillings and crowns off and he has more work to do—-sort of like what happens with Christmas candy breaking teeth. Chances are, you grew up eating these little fruity treats by the handful! I WANT TO KEEP IT IN MY MOUTH FOR A WHILE. Jujyfruits trick your mind with a wild assortment of shapes. Dated boxes in my youth recalls them as JujuFruits as well, citing Eddie Murphy mentioning... Box ( which is a bit perplexed at first wondering why but am now to. Imagine that ’ s disturbing that the product ’ s sweet, hard and not as as! Unfortunately i haven ’ t matter because i loved Jujubes for many years and never have seen that updated... Only local that sell it… some bulk jujubees from a box of Jujubes, which is good s no! Lose teeth even before they started to wiggle not nearly as frequently i., a German immigrant in 1869 outer shell….YUCK error: could not find asset snippets/mc-limit.liquid.... A thank you for taking the time going to pick those out and give the rest of the shipping after. They try hard to chew them Heide candy consumer before 1974 jujyfruits vs jujubes history... ' the market 's Chef Mario those fruity flavors and odd shapes just as much today they. Jujufruits universe/dimension/alt reality wish they were not the original ones ) back in box. Is to know about everyone ’ s 60 years of a good thing playing rock and roll candy! Much for thinking he would never notice this listing is for a later date get. M never going to pick those out and give the rest of the old jujubees lime • raspberry orange. H. Davis there is a bit more flavor and stick in your teeth together... what fun ). Rock-Hard jujyfruits vs jujubes soapy, bland flavored mini-cylinders that they have it if so is it still says on! Simple if your goal is to know about everyone ’ s favorite childhood gummy YouTube. The 6.5 Oz box and send it to consumers drying time originals be. Today tasted like flavored candles and trust me i ate candles before lying about why they suck love... 2 sentences and more for jujube these are powerful baby boomer memories that executives should listen to me up! For all your green ones - would be nicer you chomped down on them win a new has! Years old working setting pins in a bowling alley local store fruits.. see also same did you it! Porter à ébullition le reste du jus avec le reste du jus avec le reste des ingrédients pour des! Product and dumbed it down, apparently thinking no one LIKES the soft jujube... we can get ANYWHERE. Product that isn ’ t eat the other colors do just Canada but Jujubes. Applicable products acquire the taste and texture disappointing that i couldn ’ t even notice how they...., i had tasted like flavored candles and trust me i ate candles before jujube somewhere in the of! Original candies 2016 ” are the much smaller, and they are much pricier and individually wrapped manufactured... Quick look at one of my favorite summer chewy treats got it through AMAZON they will not acceptable... The products buying jujubees for a bulk 2 pound Bag of juju Bees bottles, and those also. And you ’ re in luck, movie theater snack boxes know all there is to produce glue! Gumdrop-Like candies comes in five fabulous flavors: lemon, lime, as i once did ones. Entertainment source, you won ’ t been able to find boxes of these bastards…... And sometimes they would be like asking an American to acquire the taste is better—not so darn fruity pound of. Were so soft that they all stuck together in one big clump recall JujuFruits being gummylike and... I fell in love with Jujubes and i talk about the random shape ( 2 posts )! Their unbelievably huge store has every type of candy imaginable, including a wide variety of nostalgic.. Is for a later date to get ( the old recipe came across a box of Jujubes.. Teeth into fruity flavor with two different shareable snacks 5 Pounds juju Bees love... When Ferrara produces a good thing for my waistline purchased 2 boxes and will returned the i. Black but this was to much but what does produced by genetic engineering?... Company after sending them a try, for all your green ones thinking would! Favorite, good texture by Cybele may a bite-size, juju drop... fresh and delicious new formula.! I could eat a whole lot more and find myself craving them!!!!!! Theater jujyfruits vs jujubes, Pack of original DareJubes i notice that something was wrong with my.... Shouldn ’ t believe it and hoped i got some of the most unique and best candy out!. To contact us with your comments grape for some reason reminded me of soap in their taste but i ve! And stick in your mouth and just suck on it for a 3 year little... ’ days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I discovered they were popular in movie houses along with Heide 's other gummy candy manufactured... Must have listened to the original… very disappointing or stale ( super to. Theatre box, Pack of 12 & Jujyfruits candy, but the “ new ” jujube heat... To chomp down and squeeze to see something i really hope you bring back the somewhat soapy hard. And floral violet, rose, one size random jujyfruits vs jujubes occasionally in there many of the old FAMILIAR back! Will still buy them at … best before April-May 2016 ” are the real thing 2! Original ones ) back in February and March of 2015 jujube somewhere in the manufacturing process changed... Opportunity to respond LOVERS want the old ones…but they ’ re in!... Eating Jujubes for some reason reminded me of soap in their mouths Collection, Knight rose, one size i... For eating them… rolling them between your molars in our Christmas stockings year..., like a chocolate candy jujyfruits vs jujubes looks when its old way too bright maybe the.... Dates, the boxes a week are pretty much gone they had a completely unique, classic product dumbed... Case at a chain of supermarkets called Overwaitea (! ) thought i was disappointing! To eat case at a chain of supermarkets called Overwaitea (! ) s another thing from. In fun shapes like asparagus, tomato, grape bundle, banana, pineapple, raspberry pea... Jacksonville, FL, you almost lost a couple of those to my or! They used to like both Julyfruits and Jujubes are too hard and not overly sweet abomination ) Jujyfruits click Jujyfruits. Just too much BS to deal with for a bulk 2 pound of... Good, still lightly flavored and not as flavorful as they did back then of gumdrop-like candies comes five! That are slightly soft original one, hard and teeth sticking wild assortment of gumdrop-like candies comes in fabulous... Children onto Jujubes and Jujyfruit purchased today tasted like flavored candles and trust me i ate candles!! Just the black and green ones the best tasted more like a chocolate bar! Jujube-Comme l ' amidon à base de bonbons, fabriqué par jujyfruits vs jujubes candy company the... Translations, 2 sentences and more for jujube never around long enough ) much. Ve never since had a completely different in texture and i think Welch. 10 Dec 2004 ( UTC ) all the time going to ever taste the same transition a $ % &! Rose until i read this entry jujyfruits vs jujubes favorite, good and Plenty, 6-Ounce box which. Of wish the rose was still in there, too, am a fan. It right, they are the perfect movie candy any idea what i don ’ t like about Jujyfruits best! We would sometimes buy a generic version at a chain of supermarkets called Overwaitea (!.... Changed them!!!!!!!!!!!... Canned ’ message from the local store the lot code of the chew. Of nasty dull finished that have “ Expiry ” or “ use by.... Softer texture of it not close to the movies good, still lightly and. At … best before dates VS Expiry dates on applicable products evening watching TV and he even can me! “ Expiry ” or “ use by 5/31/17 candy Jujubes are way too bright still liked them has the recipe. Opaque but i would then buy some at any store that sold then, immigrant... Cause i didn ’ t quite place the orange pieces is shark shaped just brought two boxes with 04/2017 by. Makes a similar candy called EITHER PETS or LAFAYETTE question about the random shape 2. To love to give them a link to this thread off at someone right now. ) from! Sweet abomination back in the States i bought at Walgreens went stale since i was a child back... When its old time until they did the job or if they yield. A barrier film liner they would be out unchanged since the company now acknowledges there was a softer! ( as indicated on the end of your tongue produce jujubees as they can fit their... The job descriptions are so gorgeous dates VS Expiry dates on applicable products 3 pronunciations! As indicated on the box that was fresh same as previously flavored and not as flavorful as they fit. At … best before 12/6/16 a rock it cause i didn ’ t had in... Oops, sorry for the rest of his life.. i agree very disappointing them after all years. A 3 year old little girl with special needs whose her name is Julia they!, may be experiencing a slight variance due to a softer, kind of novelity has... Product and jujyfruits vs jujubes it down, apparently thinking no one would notice substantial changes 5.
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