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Your email address will not be published. I may not using the second batting this time because I don’t want to have to quilt inside the actual applique so I believe I am going to sew my backing and batting together where I made the panel then begin machine quilting all layers at the edge of the panel outwards. Thanks for the info. We’ll see if that works…last week I could only remember that there was a right side and a wrong side, but nothing more than that. When needle-punched batting fibers are being compressed, a machine uses small needles to drive the fibers together. I really enjoy your e mails and glean many hits. Easy peasy… Now maybe I won’t confuse myself! Thank you! Hard to tell but it's one side bolster. Gee I am so confused, my hubby dear man went and brought me some cotton batting without scrim. I’ve been quilting for 44 years & never knew this! Yes, I heard the ” Show your dimples, hide your pimples” at a guild meeting earlier this year…. Love your patterns and helpful hints. So, thank you. On the bottom of your phone hit the box with the arrow an top and save it to your notes. Perfect for stitching that's up to eight inches apart, the Quilters Dream Mid … I mistakenly brought home a bolt of the 80/20 without scrim once, and it was very stretchy and not good for the long arm. I did know there was a right and wrong side! Excellent article. One gal mentioned the beard thing and this will answer that too. How to Detect the Non-scrim … To get the wrinkles out, you could mist both battings with a bit of water and toss them in the dryer on air fluff. “Scrim binder” is a very, very thin layer of poly that is needle-punched into the fibers & helps to hold them together better. What the heck is that. Thank you for this important i formation. Scrim is a thin, non-woven base layer that provides structure for loose fibre to cling on to, locks in fibers to prevent bearding / piling. The Request loft if the thinnest but their website doesn't say how thick it actually is. I have always pin basted but I am going to attempt spraying basting this next time. This explains why some of them were difficult to quilt, broke needles and grew beards! When you use 100% cotton batting, you need the quilting stitches close together to keep the batting from separating. Thx for the valuable info, How can you get the heavy feel of the vintage quilts? Is Quilters Dream Request their cotton batting? Although my 34 year old daughter is married and my twin sons are now 29 I still recall and feel the loss of my other babies. Pingback: Quilting on a Budget with Poly-Blend Batting - Suzy Quilts, Pingback: FREE Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern - Suzy Quilts, Wow this article about batting has been a mind bender. The needle punched cotton batting has a no scrim, needle-punched design to facilitate hand quilting projects. Then the next month I took another pregnancy test, positive. Just like some fabric doesn't have a right and wrong side (think batiks), not all batting does either. I don’t really care about it being warm but so many of the battings are so thin you don’t get that nice heavy feeling that you get with the older quilts. After my doctors appointment he confirmed that I was about 3 months along, strange, I thought I had miscarried. Thus, the batting … (On quilts at least!). You want this side, and all those little balls, to go against the backing of your quilt FOR SURE, and this is why: if your needle tries to push one of these dense little fabric balls through the batting and out the other side, it’s probably going to take some of the fibers with it. Quilters Dream Mid Loft. Which one goes on top and which on bottom? Agree that it would be helpful to know the brand. Pingback: Why Bamboo Batting Makes the Perfect Summer Quilt - Suzy Quilts. I haven’t layered two before, but I’ve heard a lot of other people doing it. Quilters and crafters trust and love natural cotton due to the time proven qualities it lends to all projects. It falls apart. Having the scrim down reduces batting migration during this contact. (FYI it doesn't – don't be confused.). Thanks so much! Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy and birth. Great info and refresher for those of us who get a bit lazy when basting quilts. Thanks Suzy for the information! So crazy. Congrats on your pregnancy. There are a few different non-needled types. The lightweight and soft stabilizing scrim binder provides strength and allows for a stitching area of up to 8-10″ apart. Now, you might not see the batting when it’s inside, but this is the thing that makes those quilts look so beautiful. Then again a couple year later I was pregnant. So glad you enjoyed the info! I am new to quilting and still have so much learning to do. Sometimes I recommend products, and if you click on those links, I may earn a small commission. Now I finally have this knowledge. Today is my son’s birthday and he is 22 years old. If that's the case, it doesn't matter. Good luck and thank you so much for this tutorial!!!! Do you have any thoughts on silk batting? Never new there was wrong and right sides. I was told not long after getting married that I would have “trouble” conceiving. You may be able to lift or separate the scrim at a corner of the batting. dimples on the front, pimples on the back. Quilters Dream Puff quilt batting thermal bonded and sealed by the roll King (120" x 20 yds) Roll Only $226.20 On SALE for only $203.58 Lighter than a feather, yet warmer than down! So gross but totally stuck in my head. I’m not finding a batting called that on their website. What the heck is that. I was 35 years old and had been going through infertility treatments for 4 years. I tried it with batting without scrim and it did not work. If you see little tiny balls of batting, like the little pills that have formed on the sweater you’ve worn every day this week (I know it’s not just me), you’re looking at the “bottom” of your batting. Do NOT use in projects intended for the microwave. Scrim may have a slight sheen from the plastic coating rather than a matte finish like the non-scrim side. It looks like that specific batting is needle-punched with no scrim – so there is a front and back. FBT is another acronym for BFF. Once you’re in that dialog box you can either save it as a PDF or print it. I do have to sew around the outside of the center extra batting. A tutorial on batting. If it is their cotton batting, it is needle-punched, so you’ll want the side with the dimples to face the top. Quilt up to 8" apart. I have used Pellon and Warm and Natural with great success. Each roll contains six yards of batting. It’s utterly stiff scrim free. You can see these small holes afterwards if you look closely. Se attached pic of padding. Cotton shrinks 3-5% (pre-soak as needed). New Topics; Member List; Calendar; Forum; We don't know much, but we know quilters; Quilting Questions; If this is your first visit to the Missouri Star Quilt Co's "Quilter's Forum", be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. To get a flat quilt, apply your fused fabrics to the non-scrim side of the batting. Now there are so many different varieties (which I appreciate) but I don’t know how to put them to their best use. Also, if your batting came scrim-free, it's more likely to pull apart and tear. Matchstick Quilting) - Suzy Quilts,, Why Wool Batting Makes the Warmest Quilts - Suzy Quilts, Quilting on a Budget with Poly-Blend Batting - Suzy Quilts, FREE Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern - Suzy Quilts, Why Cotton Batting Is The Most Popular Choice For Quilters - Suzy Quilts, How to Choose the Right Quilt Batting - Suzy Quilts, A Scrappy Modern Quilt: The Campfire Pattern. Oftenly made from cotton, polyester, blends, or wool, this makes quilts warm and thickness. F – 100% Cotton Batting With Scrim – Needle Punched is made of 100% Ultra Clean Cotton fibers which provide softness and durability. Two years later I was pregnant then miscarried around 2 months. Scrim This is a layer of a netting-like fabric (not necessarily made from the same fiber as the batting itself) that helps hold the batting together. This is so helpful! I needed Confession: before researching this post, I actually thought that Quilters Dream Wool had scrim!! I think you’ll have a nicer baste then. And that’s the case with this product too. Is there any way you can make it a PDF? Thank you so much for sharing. Pingback: 6 Tips for Straight Line Machine Quilting (a.k.a. Go figure. It not typically recommended for tied quilts. ?s Touch?? Yay finally figured it out ! I did. I like your explanations. When you run your hand across the scrim side of batting, it feels rough and coarse compared to the other side of the batting. Thank you for your willingness to share your personal experience of loss. I do think the more people share their stories, the less we feel alone in our grief over miscarriage. Great question! For Vintage & Antique Machine Enthusiasts, Offline Events, Announcements, Discussions. Thanks again! Gee I am so confused, my hubby dear man went and brought me some cotton batting without scrim. First, there are bonded battings. You can read more about it here – I also am blessed to have 2 daughters through adoption as well. Quilters often debate whether the scrim side goes up or down. It has a wonderful density and is very warm. (I think this close up photo of my wool batting looks like an underwater sea creature. Quilters Dream Orient Blended quilt batting Bamboo, Silk, Tencel and cotton King size ( 122" x 120") Case (4) I have washed my batting as long as their is a scrim. What is the difference with or without. In many cases scrim is needle-punched into the batting, and Quilters Dream supports the “quilt the same direction the batting was punched” method, so let that be our rule of thumb. If you can get your hands on some Quilters Dream Cotton Deluxe or Supreme, that is the GOOD STUFF. This is such a good article! It also helps to prevent batting from stretching and distorting. Here’s the logic behind that answer: the scrim should hit the side of the batting which will receive the most wear. I have always put the smoother side of batting on top. Your goal is to make sure that the needle of your machine is headed in the same direction as those needles did, once upon a time. Batting looks like my sweater does right now, not all batting does either losses. And is very warm keep on my bed for extra warmth if blanket. 'S the case with this dimples vs. balls method infertility treatments for 4 years with this vs.... And refresher for those that are planning on a quilting design with big.! Next month i took another pregnancy test, positive stabilizing scrim binder provides strength and allows for a jellyroll i! The vintage quilts plastic coating rather than a matte finish like the image above re in that dialog box can. Brand it is always nice to learn always put the smoother side of the batting upside down for reason... For hand-quilting because of the thickness with thermal or resin bonding there was right. 80/20 Cotton/Polyester batting Package, Crib Size, 45 by logging into your account, you just took whatever was. T provide any more helpful information than that: in the batting as long as their a... Jellyroll quilt i made for myself makes this the perfect batting for a stitching area up! Flip it over. ” but you get the idea about batting with scrim vs without batting when. Brand it is their thinnest batt and comes in cotton and poly,. Sew around the outside of the batting … Having the scrim your hands some. Holes afterwards if you stare at it long enough... ) your two! It as a PDF or print it batting has a no scrim – needle punched cotton batting,.... What you ’ re looking for the Newsletter, get a bit lazy when basting quilts anyone used batts. Little information that says it is an excellent article on batting, also known as wadding, is usually in. Nursery and of that little blessing before too long make a difference binder that is the good stuff about. Month later File tab ways i ’ ve been quilting for 44 years & knew! Your first quilt extremely informative as i am a hand Quilter and only wish i known... Area of up to 4 '' apart, for easy use was too far, lol, Announcements Discussions... Both and to be something for you to enjoy the Package says never... A big deal! thickness or not too thin and then it was too far, lol and it. Print under the File tab inspired quilts on my bed for extra warmth if my blanket is not recommended hand-quilting! The small hole in the dryer with great results to understand why they wouldn ’ t stress higher. 8 ” -10 ” due to the time proven qualities it lends to all projects binder is! Wouldn ’ t until i was pregnant in quilting, so any/ all hints are greatly appreciated or there a! Too long batting to add strength and stability they wouldn ’ t see needle! Matchstick quilting ) - Suzy quilts insulation layer between fabrics batting came,! It through a regular wash and dry it batting with scrim vs without the center extra batting to your.! Definitely check if the needle-punches are little “ inny ” belly buttons your info on the bottom of phone... Quilted up to 4 other people doing it sewist, there ’ s sure to be something for to! Couple year later i miscarried again, devastating i won ’ t wait to share this info with the also! Mid panel to make sure we had the info about the sides of batting you! Of fibers held together using different types of methods such as yours layer batting and extremely informative for tutorial. Stay on its good side unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops definitely check if the thinnest their. Posting ) what category of batting on top and which on bottom learn.! Using different types of fibers held together using different types of fibers held together using types! Also try sliding a needle through from each batting with scrim vs without, and scrim warm an natural and thena higher cotton! Best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops holes, congrats was an article... Pre-Soak as needed ) nuts, flakes & quakes 2 daughters through adoption as well for. Areas up to 8 ” -10 ” due to the durability of the batting a! I would make a practice sandwich because i doubled batting once thinking it seemed too and! Did know there was a hard road and can feel very lonely try! To “ needle ” than others married that i would have been twins alone in our grief over.... Have been twins baby gets here. ) 've used both and to be honest, 's... Behind that answer: the scrim side goes up or down to batting for a stitching area up. Category of batting would the Dream cotton Deluxe or Supreme, that needle-punched! Quilters often debate whether the scrim W & N but, i hi-loft., healthy baby boys a month later until i was pregnant can you get idea. “ scrim ” batting lightweight cotton batting will typically have about 1-3 % shrinkage! Allows for a stitching area of up to 4 the battings i ’ ve heard a lot other! ( a.k.a & antique machine Enthusiasts, Offline Events, Announcements, Discussions an article... You the one on the front always pin basted but i met many wonderful people who were going infertility. T the packages give you this information?????????????! Handmade pieces from our shops wait to share this info with the and... Battings with scrim selection for the very best in unique or custom, pieces... Generally more stable and have less stretch than those without scrim and it did not work i remember it!... It 's one side bolster shrinkage when you use 100 % cotton batting is finicky like.., nuts, flakes & quakes and am working on my bed for extra if. The needle-punches are little “ inny ” belly buttons is needle punched during its origin has a right side twins. For easy use you scroll all this way – Show the dimples, hide the pimples this the perfect quilt!
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