This course presents basic materials science and device engineering concepts required in electrical engineering. Student Service Centre Course Schedule. It comprises award-winning faculty and researchers, staff, and students, all engaged in a close-knit, inclusive learning environment with strong links to industry and government. Engineering Materials (APSC 278) and its complementary laboratory course (ASPC 279) are service courses taken by nearly 700 engineering undergraduate students from 8 engineering disciplines annually. Earn a degree and relevant, paid work experience at the same time. UBC Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) professional master’s degree that combines business courses with specialized engineering courses. There is a 500 square meter laboratory devoted solely to materials research. UBC's Okanagan campus offers a more intimate teaching and learning environment with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and training. Materials Engineering offers a variety of undergraduate courses aimed to give you a full understanding of materials processing, properties and design. A few universities in Canada accepted me in their programs. This lab allows students to design, mix and cast experimental concrete materials in various types of mixing equipment. This course provides an introduction to the chemical engineering discipline, first by providing an overview of the physical processes and laws involved in the conversion of raw materials into refined products, and secondly by applying these concepts into more practical applications and designs. Salary: For a comprehensive guide to your program, please visit UBC Academic Calendar – Civil Engineering. A little over half of the courses you’ll take are technical in nature and offered through the UBC Faculty of Applied Science.The remaining are business courses offered through UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School. Basic concepts such as crystal structures, basic quantum mechanics for electrons in solids, bandgap and semiconductors, metals, dielectrics, and magnetic materials will be covered. The following course subject codes pertain to courses offered at the School of Engineering (APSC, ENGR, MANF & VANT). Click on a subject code to drill down into the courses offered. Materials Engineering LabModern and advanced research facilities are available to graduate students in the Materials program. [3-0-0] Materials Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science MANU: Manufacturing Engineering MANU 201 (3) Technical Communication Written and oral communication in business correspondence, engineering design methods, report preparation and oral presentations of technical material. UBC Manufacturing Engineering program: Students will explore how robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems are transforming the manufacturing industry. Environmental engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to improve air, land, water, and living systems for a healthy environment. For a list of all current courses being offered in this academic year, please visit Student Services Course Listing. Course Descriptions Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science ENGR: Engineering ENGR 303 (3) Engineering Project Management Project management including initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing engineering projects. As a student in the Manufacturing Engineering program, you’ll take: Courses in mechanical engineering, materials engineering, and computer engineering; Specifically designed manufacturing engineering courses, including manufacturing processes, production … Students must apply for the Engineering […] Review the School of Engineering’s Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) program details in the Okanagan Academic Calendar, a comprehensive guide to all programs, courses, services, and academic policies at The University of British Columbia. This degree is a 4.5-year (nine semester) joint degree between UBC and the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). The attention of applicants is drawn to the importance of mathematics as a preparation for engineering courses. Second Year courses Third Year courses Fourth Year courses Fifth Year courses This 2nd year course list is for students entering Engineering Physics in 2019. The transfer route is for students who have completed first year Science or the equivalent before entering the Faculty of Applied Science. Admission and Courses ADMISSION. Experience has shown that UBC students with grades below 65% in mathematics (below B at a college) are likely to have difficulty with many engineering courses. UBC’s Mining Engineering program is consistently ranked among the top in Canada. Information about Engineering Programs can be found on the UBC Vancouver Engineering Undergraduate Website: Engineering Programs … Gain a competitive edge Materials Engineering. Restricted to students in second year of the Manufacturing Engineering Program. SECOND YEAR COURSES Course Name Credits CPEN 221 Principles of Software Construction 4 ELEC 204 Linear Circuits 4 ENPH 2532 Introduction to Instrument Design 5 ENPH 259 Experimental Techniques 3 […] Course Schedule / Browse Courses; Campus: UBC Vancouver. Engineering courses explore chemical processes and biotechnologies, covering reaction and reactor engineering, process systems engineering and sustainable operations. Students normally take another four years to complete a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Physics. The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Sustainable Process Engineering offers a bold approach to professional graduate education. You'll be exposed to foundational engineering disciplines and training across a range of major manufacturing processes and platforms. UBC Engineering provides students with extraordinary learning opportunities. SECOND YEAR COURSES Course Name Credits CPEN 221 Principles of Software Construction 4 ELEC 204 Linear Circuits 4 (ENPH 2532 ENPH 480 Introduction to Instrument Design Summer 2020 : […] Current materials and processes for advanced multi-material engineering components will be investigated. Life at UBC's Okanagan campus. We offer a broad professional degree program that integrates courses on engineering principles, earth sciences, and mining and mineral processing with content covering health, safety, management, economics, and environmental and social issues. They are only samples, intended to provide an overview of what type of content will be covered and the nature of the course, as this information can be useful for selecting courses and determining transfer credits, etc. A professional master’s degree from UBC Faculty of Applied Science is a strategic investment in your future. Managing the scope, costs, schedule, risks, and human resources in engineering projects. Photo Credit: L. TourandResearch ActivitiesThe general emphasis of research in the Materials program is on the relationship between the structure and the mechanical properties of Civil Engineering materials, especially portland cement and concrete, timber, and composites. Business courses offered by the top-ranked UBC Sauder School of Business give you a solid foundation in business strategy and innovation, operations and logistics, project management, and organizational leadership. We have facilities for accelerated aging and weathering of samples. Civil Engineering Materials, as a specialty within Civil Engineering, involves the analysis and investigation of the structure, properties, behaviour and usage of all types of materials used in Civil Engineering projects. UBC Search. The School of Engineering is an integral part of the Faculty of Applied Science at UBC. Standard Timetables for Program BASC: Specialization / Year Level; Standard Timetables - Year 1: Biomedical Engineering - Year 2 Please note that not all courses listed are offered each year. 2020 Summer; 2020 Winter; Courses: Here is a list of all of the subjects offered at UBC Vancouver. Students in this program take a specialized set of courses that draw material from Mechanical, Civil, and Materials Engineering, and that focus specifically on the design, construction, maintenance and operation of waterborne vehicles. The Department of Materials Engineering at UBC (MTRL) is one of the top-rated materials programs in North America with activities spanning our internationally-leading program in hydrometallurgy to our leading edge research and teaching in sustainability, nanomaterials, biomaterials and composites. Business courses offered by the top-ranked UBC Sauder School of Business give you a solid foundation in business strategy and innovation, operations and logistics, project management and organizational leadership. Materials Engineering is concerned with the characterization, processing, and use in design of metallic and non-metallic materials. For the official Mechanical Engineering course list, refer […] Please click on the following links to access the UBC Vancouver Academic Calendar 2020/21 for the official guide to the Chemical Engineering as well as the Chemical & Biological Engineering undergraduate programs curricula and course descriptions: Program Curricula Course Descriptions The Academic Calendar is a comprehensive guide to all programs, courses, services, and academic […] Engineering Co-op Co-operative work-placement opportunities exist for engineering students. 1/2/2019 1 UBC Materials Engineering MTRL 252: Thermodynamics of Materials Introduction Leili Tafaghodi 1. A hybrid graduate degree that expands your technical knowledge and business skills in just 12 months. Engineering courses span the entire industry value chain, from materials selection through to production. UBC Vancouver; UBC Okanagan; Session: 2020 Winter. The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Advanced Materials Manufacturing is a professional degree for engineers who want to excel and drive change. Courses Note – The course syllabuses below are NOT official. Aaron Coret divides his time between courses in UBC’s Integrated Engineering (IGEN) program and nurturing his startup business, Katal Innovations. The hybrid program combines graduate-level engineering courses with UBC Sauder School of Business courses – giving you the skills and confidence to take your career in new directions. Taken over the last three years of your four-year Applied Science degree (B.A.Sc. Browse . The first intake of 2 nd year students at both Vancouver and Okanagan campuses will begin in September 2019. You start by gaining a broad understanding of engineering principles in first-year before entering the 2nd Year Placement process. MANF 368 Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation; MANF 370 Production Systems Management II; MANF 386 Industrial Automation; APPLY ONLINE. The University of British Columbia’s innovative Integrated Engineering Program (IGEN) offers a multidisciplinary undergraduate engineering education. Check the UBC Academic Calendar for detailed course descriptions. An optional Co-operative Education program is available which permits students to obtain twenty months of related experience in the last three years of the program. As all other engineering undergraduate programs at UBC students will apply into the common undergraduate engineering first year, and then specialize in Manufacturing Engineering starting in their second year. All lead to a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree. This course gives students the opportunity to analyze a full spectrum of design in materials manufacturing, including the design of the components, structures and processes used to manufacture materials. Second Year courses Third Year courses Fourth Year courses Fifth Year courses This 2nd year course list is for students entering Engineering Physics in 2020. Students enter the Engineering Physics Program after completion of first year. World Production of Primary Metals – Iron & Steel 2 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 2020 2040 Production (Mt) Year

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