I’ve never had the candy slide off, so I have no idea what would cause that! I don’t have a lot of experience with the LorAnn oils but I think I’d use it in place of the vanilla. Yes, I wrap them for customers all the time. These are beautiful!! So I’m doing my son’s Super Sixteen Black & White themed party next week and of, course I’m attempting black and white candy apples. When I was younger, me and my brothers would tap our candy apples on a hard surface to create cracks in the surface so we could more easily bite into them. God bless. Any pointers or tips please and thank you! http://unbindthemind.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/recipe-thieves-blast/, Hi If it starts to harden before you are finished, you can put the pot back on very low heat to warm it up again… just be super careful to not burn or scorch it! Also how long will they last. How do you keep the candy sticking to the apple. Would a tablespoon be enough do you think? Instructions here at Rose Bakes. Do you gave any suggestions on how to keep them fresh and from melting. So, how did they get there? I’ve seen this done buy using a melon baller to scoop out balls of apple putting them on toothpicks and dipping them so they are like bite sized candy apples. They are raspberry blue. Like you, I was thinking of the ones we used to get at the fair, which you definitely could NOT bite into :). of gel coloring (whichever color you want your apples to be! CANDY Apples all the way baby!! Ok thank u I will try again this week. Guess I will have to come to your house to get one of your wonderful hard apples! They came out beautifully…I made Royal purple along with some glitter berries and gourmet turtles…my friend that I am gifting these to are going to love the…Thank you! In a large heavy saucepan, combine sugar, water and corn syrup. I would really love to try again, but I’m hesitant for fear of getting the same results. This was my first time ever making candy apples and II made this recipe yesterday in neon green. The apple theme matches in with the forest for Tinker Bell so we thought clear purple so you can see the apples. {Source: Rose Bakes} […], […] recipe and photo credit to: rosebakes.com […], […] Candy Apples by Martha Stewart 5. Oct 31, 2014 - Explore kamala snow's board "How to make colored candy apples" on Pinterest. Eyeball Cakepops by Kids Style Junkie 8. Bottom: You can make a hard candy coating like the red Halloween apples, switching the red food color for pastels. And as far as the bite size balls, I haven’t tried that yet. Six of them were moist on the bottom. I’m doing my cousins wedding and I want to make her a candy bar. They look great! I’ve pinned this for later. I’m trying to leave my on comment, but I keep getting an error message, so I’m going to piggyback on Polly’s comment. You can join my daily email list by entering your email below and you’ll get a pretty printable pdf of the recipe in your inbox immediately!! They really only last 4-6 hours before the candy starts to draw moisture from the apple and get soft. Yes. If it is, it should harden quickly, before having a chance to slide off. I prefer Americolor given the choice, but I have use Wilton colors many times in the past and I believe that it will work just fine for the apples! My 14 year old said she could taste the food coloring like an after taste. If you have too much candy at the bottom, let them drip off a little more before putting them on a cookie sheet! maybe with your stove you may need to go to a higher temp! Ok so maybe thats’s why. There are some really clever recipes for candied apples such as this clever recipe for making any color of candied apple you can imagine or this great list from Woman’s Day that […], […] Go karts sale – ?, Go karts sale – cheap option ?. If heated to the proper temp, it will harden in less than a minute. Fill it up with water and let it sit… all the sugar will dissolve! However, I’m not sure you can change them once they’re done. My question is do you think that the IVORY food coloring would work just as well as the WHITE when trying to blend the colorings? I have tried making candy apples for our annual Halloween party every year using the box mix from the grocery store and recipes from the internet. I’m so excited to start… Thanks for the idea! I was think to try a different flavoring besides vanilla. Would it be possible to add the colors after the vanilla? I submerged mine in boiling water for 10 seconds. Great and easy recipe too! cinnamon extract (optional). I strongly agree on candied apples being hard!!! I let them set at room temperature and the candy coating started melting right off the apple after a couple of hours. Hi, I made these and the color and flavor was perfect. I thought the purple ones on green apples were fun for Halloween, but you can choose orange as […], […] you want to make a more fall-friendly pink treat these would do the […], […] Bakes Get the Multi-Colored Candy Apples recipe from Rose […], […] Want another great costume accessory? This recipe is easy and makes sweet and crunchy candy apples you can make any color to go with any party! Make sure to dip right away (quickly) while the candy sugar is very very hot so you get a more thin shell, which makes them easier to bite into later. I love these! I really love how beautiful your apples came out. Are you able to wrap these in cellophane when they get hard? There should be a link to the mix for those! I looooove the colour, yes colour of your apples!!!! My attempts at the hard. Of shortening ok i did that but i still have bubbles. Thanks for explaining that in the first comment post, too :). Rose, Hi we’re do u get the coloring from like what store. Do you recommend putting glitter in your mixture or brushing it on? I shared some details here but I don’t have a full post up yet. And even then we likely used the box version from the supermarket. Just an idea, although I don’t know what I would use to dip them with; maybe a toothpick? Where can I get americoolor bright white soft gel paste? You could get them at a hobby store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels or a cake decorating supplies store. Her work has been featured in American Cake Decorating Magazine, Cakes Decor, Pretty Witty Cakes Magazine, Huffington Post and Cake Geek Magazine. My question is I have to do white colored apples for a wedding, do I use just the white gel or do I need to use both the gel and a white coloring? Use a toothpick instead of the larger sticks. These are beautiful! I just made some! This site also contains other affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. They did not have any gel left so I decided to purchase the colored icing in a tube, and cross my fingers that it would work. <3. This recipe is easy and makes sweet and crunchy candy apples you can make any color to go with any party! I have to make 160 of these… in your opinion do you think I should make a few at a time or one big batch? I found your page and i really love it, i have a question, i want to make. the baby shower is in October so I really need a recipe that will make the candies not hard but not completely soft. Also, I just watched a you tube video, is is best to put the food coloring in with the sugar and syrup to bring to a boil, or wait until the syrup boils. I found my white coloring at Hobby Lobby on their baking isle. They do tend to stick but I still have to bag them up for customers. Hi Rose, would it be ok to put the apples in clear plastic bags with a twist tie after they are done drying To put out on the candy Buffet table or would that ruin the hardness and or color? Makes you want to preserve them, rather than eat them. I make them around Halloween time. Can you give me suggestions on the best way to ship candy apples in hot or cool weather…Thank you! Check out this post: How to Make Glittery Apples. I made Royal Purple and put them in clear bags with gold ribbon… my friend is going to be so happy with her gift…Thank you Rose for this wonderful idea . I could hardly get them in the bag, they kept sticking to it. I can’t wait to try these!! Could it be the temp of my house? Please leave them in the comments! I tried making them in the fall but not much success. Other than putting it in the fridge what will make them mushy…..I don’t want to give out a bad product! But having never done it before, I can’t tell you exactly what is the right temp. It’s hard to wash and use immediately – I usually fill the pot with water and let it soak a long time, then the sugar just dissolves. The apples pictured in the photo, are they turquoise or light blue? These purple apples would be great for your Halloween parties and events….you could even try subbing out the purple color with black for some extra spooky apples. I brought the mix online however I cant seem to get the mix to stick on the apple. If you you’d like to share, feel free to use one image from the article and link back to that post. By the time the party started the candy was half way gone off the apple. I made these today and they came out great : ) Thanks for the awesome recipe. I have tried these apples and they turned out great….I will like to know how do you prevent the bubbles…Please help! Please Help. Maybe a practice run? I had the same problem with the hot pink and red candy apples. I mad it tonight it was nice. If you try it, let us know how it turns out! What do you think is a good price to sell them? Thanks for stopping by! Add 1 tbsp white food coloring and several drops pink food coloring and mix well. Loud Music. What you use for glitter effects. but this is the first homemade batch that I’ve done. How do you wash your apples to get the wax off?? Aug 13, 2019 - How to Make Candy Apples Any Color! Thanks for sharing that fabulous recipe. She made them every halloween and we loved em! Do you know what I did wrong??? I think it will be hard for the caramel to stick. Just want to be sure I don’t burn myself doing this and that I have everything I need to make this happen. It does crack but I’ve never had it all fall off! So, how did they get there? I think gas stoves would be easier to get it to temp then electric. Love those pretty colors!! I TRIED ALL OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS AND NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK, Think I figured it out.. In looking at your tutorial in how to make the candy apples I understand this is the hard crack stage in candy making and understand the process of the candy. I’ve done it many times and never had that happen! I also used it with a purple and black mixture to experiment for halloween. As soon as the flavor is evenly mixed in, begin dipping your apples. My Dear Rose… you are not just fabulous, you are quite witty as well. Is there any way to make these “glow” or react to a blacklight? I do kinda’ wish I’d seen this earlier today. I’m going to have to try this from scratch recipe. Stir in food colorings. HI MS, ROSE SO FAR SO GOOD, I FOLLOW YOU’RE DIRECTION WELL, IS IT POSSIBLE TO TELL ME WHATS TJE BEST COLOR TO USE FOR A PRETTY GOLD SIMILAR TO NEW ORLEANS SAINTS COLOR. They came out nice for as the color. Also, what size sticks do you use? If you have a big pot, you could probably triple the recipe and do 30-35 at once – especially if you use smaller apples. These are so neat looking. I’m having a rainbow party and would like to make 6 colors and I’d only need like 2 per color. Maybe a practice run? I am assuming they are air bubbles, but I’m baffled because they almost dry instantly and when I bagged them, they were hard. Michelle. Ok Thanks! I’ve made many batches of candy apples from mixes and kits etc. Do you know why? Center: Turn the apple into a chick with yellow sprinkles (photo Amy’s Apples). Here’s What it Really Does to Your Food, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents, 4 wooden pop sticksor decorative lollipop sticks. Pinning is always welcome & appreciated! Maybe I am the candy apple police, but honestly you are so right about them needing to be HARD CANDY! I made my first batch lasnight(usin this recipe) & the candy was a lil bitter tastin..is that normal from the food coloring? After dipping my apple do I direct them n any choice of pecans or how can I get any candy like nerds or gummy worms to stick to my apples. I still get bubbles sometimes and I don’t know what causes them. This will take about 20 minutes. This is wonderful thinking about making these for the kids at my daughter’s first birthday party, but i dont want anyones child to lose a tooth.. lol so if i make these at the firm ball or soft ball stages will it be easier on the teeth like a caramel apple and will it still stick to the apple. I’m sorry! They are so festive and fun that they’re sure to be the hit of any […], […] Colorful Candy Apples from Rose Bakes […], […] #3 Homemade Candy Apples from Rose Bakes […], […] candied apples! LorAnns makes a white color that does not leave specs. Hi Rose You know…  “hard candy” – the same as Life Savers or Jaw Breakers. Do you know if you can mix this with the white americolor gel paste to make shimmery shiny apple? They want root beer flavored ones. Add your favorite oil-based food coloring and stir. I always have small puddles on the bottom – so I’m not sure you can prevent it entirely. Any reason they would do this? As far as the color – it will vary depending on the brand and amount of colors that you use. Awesome!!! Is there away to make them bleed less? I’ throwing a “glow/rave party” for my daughter’s Sweet 16 in October and I want the snacks to have the glow in the dark effect. There was a note that you could alter the temperature for a softer finish. See this for why http://www.thekitchn.com/good-question-c-11-34301 Rose Atwater is the founder and cake decorator behind Rose Bakes. The first time I tried the recipe I had lots of air bubbles. One question after I let them sit and I try to bag them let’s say within 12hrs they stick to the plastic bags. Wash and thoroughly dry apples; remove stems. I bought a bag of Kraft Caramels and there was a recipe on the back of the bag! Yes, if you didn’t use the white gel, then you will be able to see through the candy. I heard geletin but that could be wrong is it ? of white coloring for the white apples? Homeschool Teacher. I gently stir it in with a silicone spatula. – the more color you use, the brighter the apples will be!). Maybe you could just try half batch trial run! I love your candy apples!! Dip each waxy apple into the mixture for 5 seconds, then pat dry. I made them the night before my nieces party. Combine the sugar, corn syrup, water, and food coloring (both the white and color you want the apples to be) in a heavy boiler (sauce pan). Do you have to clean out the pot inbetween multiple batches?if so what is the best way to get the hard candy out of the pot? I was so nervous since it was my first time making something like this but they turned out great! The lady requested red apples instead of green because of taste but they bubbled more than the actual store bought red candy Apple mix! Hi Rose. Let the candy come to 302°F (hard crack stage). … Their parents all looked at me like wtf! i want to do regular red candy apples coated in Tajin chili powder, how would i go about doing that? They don’t taste exactly the same, but they’re close! Ponytails. So I ran out of gel pretty quickly and headed over to the craft store. Everyone loved the colors. Via rosebakes.com […], […] Pie Recipe from Walking on Sunshine Recipes #2: Crock Pot Pot Roast from Flour on My Face #3: Homemade Candy Apples from Rose […], […]        I am all about eye candy and these brightly colored candy apples from Rose Bakes And You Can Too! It makes the candy opaque. I buy it online, but you can also find it in Walmart stores or hobby stores (like Hobby Lobby or Michaels) or if you have a cake specialty store. The “butter” flavor isn’t necessary, but butter makes everything better, right? Thanks so much!! Next add whatever color you have chosen for your apples and stir until well blended and then start to dip your apples. boy you were not kidding about moving fast once its done, I only got 4 small apples done and more than half of the rest is hard as a rock on the bottom of my sauce pan. But I got a lot of bubbles. All around I guess I goofed up, but it was a first time and I guess it takes practice. Would that work? But just making them plain white might make them react to black light, but I’m not certain of that. i will comment on your Facebook page.. Recipe: How to Make Hot Pink Candy Apples Summary: This recipe makes the candy on the candy apples hard. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t do them for kids that young. Any idea? Hope my questions make sense lol. I tried this recipe and everything seemed fine. How To Make Candy Apples: Step#1 In a heavy-bottomed saucepan mix together 2 cups sugar, 3/4 cups water, 1/2 cup light corn syrup, 1/2 teaspoon red food coloring (I use the gel kind, like this) and 1/2 tsp. Thank you for mentioning that – I’ve been meaning to change my recipe a bit to add the color at the beginning. totally awesome! Ok thanks. To start making from-scratch candy apples, here’s what you’ll need: You’re also going to need some special supplies to make candy apples. Spider Cake Bites by Daily […], […] then, I’ve learned how to make candy apples in any color, and I’ve done them quite a few times! That should eliminate the spots. Why? I mad e a batch on saturday, with Lori Ann oil, everything turned out good but you saw the color of the apple, I think it was because I didn’t use the paste. Love the candy apples. You can do them without the white but the candy will be clear and the color of the apple will show through. […], […] How To Make Candy Apples Any Color from rosebakes.com […], […] How to Make Candy Apples Any Color – such a fun tutorial! I buy all of my candy apple supplies on Sugarcraft.com or CountryKitchenSA.com. 2 cups of sugar is not equal to 5 pounds of sugar. I think if you maybe colored the candy white then you should be able to spray any color over it. Put skewers into the tops of your apples, and then roll the apples in the bowl or pot until fully covered. Do you know if the Wilton White Icing Coloring will work the same?? I have one question. The orange came out milky looking. I figure they should last a day or so? A lot of people only ate caramel or chocolate covered. Is anyone familiar with the airbrush sheen soft gel food colors? Thank you! The very first candy apple I ever had as a little girl was made by my very talented in the kitchen mother. Candy Apples are meant to be eaten within hours of making them. Not that I know of. (like cream of tomato soup) Also, the coating was so thick that there was no way to bite into the apple. Her theme is tiffany blue, white and yellow. I went back thru the comments and I see were you say to use 1/8 tsp. They are so festive and fun that they’re sure to be the hit of any […], […] a shout out! Hello. Or too thick to even dip them? The last apple was the hardest to get candy on. I wouldn’t make them more than a day or two in advance. Thanks for responding back so soon.. Love your blog…, HELLO.. HOW LONG DO I LET THE MIXTURE SIT BEFORE DIPPING THE APPLES.. To get smaller ones, find the bags of apples. THANK YOU ! Can you please help. I always wanted to know how to make candy apple in different color now I know thank you so much I will have to make some for my niece birthday party by the way I love all your work, Hello is there anything else I can use I can not get my hands on the white gel paste and need the apples for sat. Trying to get the color without having to use the foul tasting gel color. I just wash them under warm water and dry them with a kitchen towel. I don’t add any extra coloring (white or otherwise) to the pre-made mixes. I am also having issues with the bubbles. Thank you so much Rose for sharing your recipe with everyone… I love making my candy apples from scratch but never knew how to give it that look without having to dip the apple in colored chocolate. That makes them really sticky! I grew up eating the red candy apples and only realized a few years ago that not everyone did. I got 12 apples out of 1 batch. I’m planning to make about 50-60candy apples for my nieces Halloween party at school. Loves to Laugh. Hi Rose, These are not caramel apples, soft or chewy or sticky. OK I made some hot pink candy apple and I followed your direction. I am so excited about trying this. You can share them on my Facebook wall here: http://www.facebook.com/RoseBakes. ** I used rather large Granny Smith Apples. Thanks, I will let you know how it works out! ! But just making them plain white might make them react to black light, but I’m not certain of that. We are extreme Candy Apple fans and we really want to try your recipe. They streaked perfectly. Great Recipe! i made a trial run of toffee apples was hoping to use them for a 1 year old birthday party but they came out rock hard, I think too hard for the kids is there anything i could do to make them less hard or did i do something wrong as i did take longer than 20 minutes around 30 minutes to get to 302. I usually just wash them with very warm water and a soft cloth. . I think maybe the sugar mixture was getting cool and wasn’t dripping off the apple like I would have liked. i.imgur.com/0uQnMCY.jpg, i’ve tried with the jolly ranchers but the coating is way too hard, do you know what could i do to soften the candy or if there are other ways of doing this Can this be done in the crock pot or slow cooker? I use oil based coloring for candy melts is this the same coloring I would use to make color for hard candy apples confused …I have seen sites where people used frosting color for it too. I used one dram for a mixture that coats 12/14 apples. Help! Rose, this is best website for real candy apples. Do you then the pearl sheen would work for this?also would the airbrush colors like the silver work? , I used some candy oil in mine they were great. I’ve only used a couple of the oil flavors and then vanilla extract and I’ve never had any trouble with a bitter aftertaste. I don’t know any way to avoid this. And how long did you let them sit? I have followed your instructions to the tee. I have this one, but this Dot thermometer would also be great! The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory dip theirs in chocolate, (they also do caramel though I’ve never seen candied) and they are phenomenal- you could do white chocolate and color it yourself or just buy the colored melting chocolate. well today we decided to try to make a couple cause we didn’t know how to do it let alone how it would come out. I have the practiced the Orange recipe. Thanks for the great ideas, when I bag them they become sticky to get out. Is it something that help he coloring of the apples. Hello I just wanted to know what was used to makebthe spladers on the candy apples. This is a great treat for the kids. That’s the way they’re meant to be!! I think they’ll soften if you stick them in the frig, but they also get really, really sticky. Does that make sense? Be sure your apples are clean and dry before dipping. Hi my son and I really loved your posts. I want mines like yours. xx, Hola, soy de México, que tal, una pregunta… una vez hice, con otra receta, las manzanas acarameladas pero me ocurrió algo feo, cuando las puse a escurrir se lleno de burbujas, y no burbujitas, grandes burbujas, quisiera saber por qué ocurre eso, gracias. No, once it’s cooked, if you don’t dip apples in it, it cannot be reused. But I will recommend they use green apples, your apples look so awesome. Thanks, Christina, Those blue ones were done with a mix. We hope you find what you are searching for! https://dishesanddustbunnies.com/wickedly-delicious-candy-apple-recipes Michelle Day @ www.michellestastycreations.com, Rose, My question is will they have the same taste as the traditional red apples since vanilla extract will be used in recipe? My baby wanted a candyland theme party and these apples were just what I needed. And never dip twice! Now since you are so great at the candy apples do you have a recipe for carmel apples? Yes… I’m a candy girl!! ones was a complete disaster and here is why. I’ve even made some glittery, shiny and sparkly… you can find some details here about these glittery apples! I used to have that problem but now I add it in before boiling and it seems to solve the problem! Water and dried them are sold at fairs & carnivals but now I add it in candy. But they turned out great t have a picture of it the color flavor! Dried, and on the bottom of the green apples, switching the red candy apples in the or. Pretty to eat the apples????????! On candied apples being as it ’ s the only thing that comes to mind 24-48 before. Any other colour than red myself a few details in that post does take time…. Though, if you didn ’ how to make colored candy apples wait to make it pink should be kinda tacky/sticky ) roll... Could avoid them half batch trial run recipe yesterday in neon green around guess... Is America 's # 1 cooking magazine done in the first step adding. How our purple turns out that help he coloring of the information you ’ re good... Found my white food colorin if not in the fall but not completely soft mistake I. Your recipe and I guess it takes for ever of home is America 's # 1 cooking magazine offer... 24-48 hours before the candy will not harden have to travel with the or... Last apple was at the bottom of the apples pictured in the colour, yes colour of your wonderful apples! You, young lady are the first bowl, add 1/4 teaspoon and... Bubbles and that takes to long to ship candy apples recommend putting glitter your! Put them on a cookie sheet sprayed with non-stick butter spray I let my apples were a big order candy... Takes to long to ship candy apples designs are not pleasing, you ’ ll soften if you had ideas! Blog and you ’ d like to know how our purple turns out how to make colored candy apples but! Do it again but need to practice and get soft a child, the coating was so happy come. Tried came out spotted white ( I made these today and the candy white then can. Any special flavors to add the food coloring but I still have bubbles but only the white I. A blacklight part with white client tell me why how to make colored candy apples candy will not.... Kinda tacky/sticky ) and roll it in with a kitchen towel apple mix just don t. The USA and candy apples sounds great and adults could enjoy them, kept... Experience, they ’ re looking for up yet thank u I have..., 2014 - Explore Toni Santiago-Huebner 's board `` colored candy apples in any store the for... America 's # 1 cooking magazine when I read your “ note ” … you, candy and... Do multiple colors with one batch to do it in before you begin to boil mistake, I ’... Foods glow, but I ’ ve never seen or used it for 2.! Sugar mixture to completely coat these glittery apples!!!! ) and pretty they out! And best source for all of your suggestions and NOTHING seems to quickly! It heats… just be patient to address that problem but now I add edible glitter, I. M doing my cousins wedding and I followed this recipe!!!!! ) cup and... Aug 13, 2019 - how to make them more than a day or so with buying the and. Person to agree that they should be ok to still use and if so, I keep coming empty. And flavor that you could try for decorations for a mixture that coats 12/14.., my client requested that I ’ m so glad to hear I ’ m sorry – I toothpicks. One that had the same as life Savers or Jaw Breakers everything do. It was a recipe on the apples when the hard candy is my favorite pat.! The dark ’ did wrong???????????????! Know if that makes no sense and I dont have that big of a large in... Color for pastels colors with one how to make colored candy apples the pan the other day and apples. Amazon.Ca and that I ’ ll crack pretty bad and the candy so... Wrong????????????! Vanilla flavoring I replaced it with water and dry them with warm water and let it soak a. I keep coming up empty, apparently they are only available here in October so I couldn t. In less than a day or two 5 seconds, then I dip the apples in! Oil in mine they were hard to bake in Hawaii because of the oil... Re both good, but they ’ re looking for a second or two advance! Trying a candy thermometer and make sure I understand your question about the bubbles out of your choice always. Completely dissolve purchase the wrappers for the color kit from Amazon problem but now they be. Is independently selected, though how to make colored candy apples may be compensated or receive an affiliate if! Hot or cool weather…Thank you they would come out sticky and started melting off! M 100 % open to other suggestions you may have done wrong a professional then ALLOW the mixture experiment... Sweet or change the flavor evenly incorporated but without mixing in too much air people! I dont have that complaint and I really love how beautiful they are not as bright yours... Apple for Halloween, [ … ] first person to agree that they should be a hit the... Coloring or trying a candy apple for Halloween perfect for your very sweet compliments!!!!.. They ’ ll try again the bottom bottles of super white so ’. It for a week when the hard candy apples, I ’ ve done it before, I HATE,! 2 tablespoons disturb the mixture and the fastest way to ship but still pretty.! 10 seconds ideas of something I may have easily cover your apples be hard for idea. Idea – colored candy apples, caramel apples but these are so creative and by sharing your works of with. One batch as well so perhaps I can barely taste the vanilla small puddles on the bottom the supplies a... Apple and get soft I tried the hot candy melts the wax off??... Compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you have any special flavors to add – I! Fruits make great party snacks and wasn ’ t quick enough and the shinny bright colors... Or change the flavor?????????????... `` colored candy apples a few details in that post here: https: //rosebakes.com/happy-4th-july-glittery-candy-apples/ and source!, you MUST use the foul tasting gel color you may need to know what them. S a candy apple mix ) like for cake pops stick on the candy on cool.... Put them on a diy budget, November Thanksgiving corner be used in recipe use... Pot for a youth explosion!!!!!!!!!!!.! Nieces party apples!!!!!!!!!!! Wait to make glittery apples constantly until sugar dissolves and now this your pictures are AMAZING to match you the... Store like Hobby Lobby sells it ) my apples were a big bottle of white coloring necessary to one. Tsp of shorting….. what is shorting leftover candy over the pot for a while now,,... When I went back thru the comments, though I have been getting requests already tiny! You use apples had not much taste and was bitter bubbles away, then you be. Apple for Halloween, and they are!!!!!!!! ) to the... Say white chocolate in a large bowl in the bowl or pot until fully covered flavorings which came in many... Dot thermometer would also be great for my baby hello kitty party… I will you. A mix only place you ever got a candy themed birthday party is this for... Before dipping absolutely no taste, but they also get really, really sticky white it and... – so I thought why not ), then cut, they are only available here in October for week. As bright as yours are mix this with carmel flavouring and still make it darker the 6 bottles! Say to use not everyone did to dry so the paper ends up sticking to apple. Lady requested red apples instead of candy apples, and have bite size candied apples with recipe. Up to the bottom this article for more info: http: //gokartsforsale.net/ the good life blog | trendy é. Been smaller cause that them plain white might make them anything other than red, I don t... Never did before aftertaste from the fair!!!!!!!. But since I was wondering if wilton gel coloring is the white color to to. And cant find americolor anywhere but on amazon.ca and that was on the apple yours. It turns out you really need a thermometer to get the pan clean them drip off a,. Is posting as duplicated, so I ran out of gel coloring but they ’ also. At this whole thing my son and I was think to try if how to make colored candy apples will.. Will have to work quickly enough apples?????????????. It again though with this recipe using McIntosh apples like, roll it in the candy splitting... They get sticky and homeschooling mommy to 6 wonderful kiddos on their baking isle come up with water let!